Fashion Accessories Ireland

1.  Do you have a minimum Fashion Accessories order?

Our minimum order is €100.  This does not include VAT or shipping costs.


2.  Is there free shipping on larger Fashion Accessories orders?

There is free shipping on orders over €250 not including VAT.


3.  What does Trade Only mean?

Trade only means we only sell to Fashion Accessories businesses and boutiques who intend to resell the items.  We do not sell for private use.


4.  How can I pay for Fashion Accessories goods?

Once you place your order through our website we will contact you by phone. You can then give us your card number and details. We will process your order immediately. When paying by cheque we will process your order when your cheque has cleared.


5.  What are your shipping charges?

Within Rep. of Ireland there is an €8 charge. Items are usually received within 2 days of placing your order online.